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🏆 “THE BEST PLANNER IN INDIA” – REVIEWS.IN 🏆 Named the Best Planner in India, TinyChange Life Planner is scientifically designed to make you happier and more productive. If you want to make 2020 your best year ever, this planner is the only thing you will ever want

✅ CONVERT THOSE DREAMS INTO PLANS – It is a Goals Diary, To-do list Manager, Agenda Notebook, Gratitude Journal, Appointment scheduler, Checklist Organizer, Creativity partner – ALL COMBINED into one planner that looks amazing on your desk and help you transform your life

✅ YOUR PAPER LIFE COACH – The planner has 10+ self-discovery exercises designed with the help of Psychologists and Life coaches to help you discover your LIFE PURPOSE and goals. It also has a full section of top life tips for productivity, planning, happiness and stress management

✅ AMAZING ALL-IN-ONE PACKAGE – Get exclusive access to TinyChange VAULT with amazing productivity resources. Each weekly page in the planner has a QR code to curated online resources. Check out the back pouch for Stickers, Thank you cards, Scale and Bookmarks

✅ LUXURIOUS AND BEST GIFTING IDEA – This handcrafted stylish diary is made from imported vegan PU leather cover, has thick non-bleed fountain pen friendly deluxe paper (110 gsm), is sewn-binded for lay-flat opening, and comes with an elastic enclosure and rounded corners. It comes in a beautiful gift box making it the perfect gifting idea for this festive season

What good is a goal, if it can’t be achieved?

TinyChange was founded with a sole mission to help everyone achieve their life goals and make this world a happier place to live in! We do that by creating inspiring products that will help you make tiny intentional changes in your everyday life. That way, the journey of life becomes as exciting as reaching the destination by achieving your dreams and goals.

Your dreams deserve the best – not just cute stationery

We all have set goals & resolutions at the beginning of the year. We list them all down with the best intentions and feel pretty excited to work towards them.

Then what happens? Slowly, life takes over – emails, errands, responsibilities and distractions. Months pass by, without us taking even a single step towards our goals. We do feel guilty at times, but move on.

Through years of research and working with high achievers, entrepreneurs and life-coaches over 5 years, we realized that there are certain proven goal achievement methodologies that succesful individuals regularly follow in life. All those learnings have gone in to the design of this unique planner.

This TinyChange Life Planner is more like a paper life coach who helps you understand yourself better, define clear goals for you, break them down in to smaller everyday tasks, review your progress and motivate you, while helping you stay productive using a variety of tools & techniques.

We are confident that this planner has the power to change your life.

Make the next year your best year ever!

It is time to turn those dreams in to plans. It is going to be a tough journey ahead, because big successes come with big and focused efforts. And you would want a companion, a coach and a motivator to be with you duing that journey.

A TinyChange today, can lead to a much better tomorrow.

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TinyChange Un-dated Planner is a thoughtfully designed personal development toolkit to help you discover your true self, draft roadmaps to achieve your goals, pause & reflect time to time, celebrate small wins and push you through tiny continuous steps that bring you closer to your goals.

In this world full of distractions, TinyChange planner is a well-deserved digital detox for you to open up your mind, enjoy the present and draw wings to your dreams.

This is the ‘undated’ version of the 2020 planner which will give you the flexibility to start using it from any point in time during the year for a minimum of 15 months.

Key benefits:

  • Discover your true self and know your life destination
  • Define your life aspirations identify top 3 goals for the 12 months ahead
  • Create a roadmap to   achieve the goals
  • Plan & tick off  day-to-day goals & tasks
  • Cultivate powerful positive habits
  • Review after every month and assimilate learnings
  • Make tiny changes every week towards holistic wellness
  • Stay super productive with the Tinychange Lifekit

Product specifications:

A designer product made of premium quality faux leather and contains 230 pages of intuitive layouts that’ll give you a soothing experience while you pen down your goals and action plans. It has enough space for you to reflect and celebrate life as you live it every day with positivity, mindfulness & clear purpose

  • A5 size (8.5”x5.5”) to easily fit your backpack
  • Stylish & durable imported Faux leather hard cover
  • 100 GSM Acid free, super smooth paper
  • 230 pages, enough for all your thoughts
  • Lay flat sewn binding
  • Back pocket for your keepsakes
  • Book mark ribbon to start where you left
  • Elastic band to keep the shape intact
  • Rounded corners for the classy look

Additional information

Weight 450 g

Textured Black, Charcoal Black, Grey, Tangerine, Burgundy