How the planner is structured

The TinyChange Life planner incorporates key elements of research backed Goal achievement, habit creation and productivity principles used by high achievers.

It helps you to transform your big yearly goals in to smaller monthly and weekly tasks, and stay on course to achieve them. It also reminds you you to live everyday mindfully and meaningfully, through tiny challenges and thoughtful prompts.

Follow this simple but effective 6 steps process to make the best out of this planner and your year ahead.

Know your True Self

This journey called life will be over before you realize it. Why spend another second living a life that isn’t personally meaningful to you?

Understanding your true self is the first step towards living a truly conscious life of your creation. These questions are based on your memory, so take as much time as you need to paint a detailed picture.

Create a roadmap to achieve your top Goals for 2019

From what you have understood from the True Self and the Core Values exercises, and your life aspirations, identify your top 3 goals for 2019. Draft the roadmap to achieve that goal by breaking it down and creating an action plan.

Plan to live everyday meaningfully and mindfully

While reaching your destination is important, it’s equally important to enjoy the journey by living everyday in a meaningful way.

Review the quality of your everyday life in the 4 key quadrants. Make an improvement plan by committing to new habits or things to do on each of the quadrant.

Stay focused and get the most out of your days


    Research has proven that identifying your top 3 tasks for the day supercharges your productivity as it forces you to prioritize the most important ones you want to achieve

  • B. Other Errands

    Other tasks that you plan to complete during the day.

  • C. Creative space

    Note down any ‘to remember’ item here like a doctor’s appointment, an important meeting,, a report submission deadline etc.

Make an impact, every single week in 2019

  • D. Tiny Weekly challenges

    List of 52 tiny but impactfull challenges. curated by positive psychologists and life coaches to transform your life

  • E. Habit tracker

    Use this space to track the habits you want to cultivate or eliminate

  • F. Celebrate tiny wins

    Note down your key achievements and the learnings from the week

  • G. Journal your gratitude

    The simplest form of writing down the things or people you are grateful for, can serve as an antidote to negative emotions and boosts overall happiness

Review periodically and stay on track

At the end of the month, look back and review your journey. Carry forward the valuable learnings you have acquired each month to enhance your effectiveness the next month.

7. Productivity Toolkit

In 2019, live not only happily, but also smartly!

We have put together 20+ lists most commonly used by people to capture their thoughts based on extensive user studies. Use the wishlists to capture everything that you wish for. The checklists helps you to automate the activities you repeatedly and which has pre-defined steps, so that you get more done in less time.

Flip through some of them in the slider below.

8. Essential Life Tips (New)

Curated and practical tips from high achievers to help you stay ahead!

We have added a brand new section in the beginning of the planner on essential life tips around Stress management, Desk workouts, time management, day planning etc.

Flip through some of them in the slider below.